About me


I began my professional career in the telecommunications sector, where for 12 years, working in various management positions on strategy and business development, I became well-versed in change management and leadership, managing teams that were multidisciplinary and multicultural.


A round-the-world voyage in 2009 opened the door for me to discover in greater depth the potential of personal development; it was the start of the new journey that led me to where I am today. I met a multitude of people, discovered different cultures, customs and characters… One notable example I experienced was in Bhutan, where the wellbeing of people is measured by the Index of Gross National Happiness and not by Gross Domestic Product – the content can be debated, but there’s no doubt it’s a kingdom that is clear about what it holds important.


What a vast range of different ways of living I discovered out there – something we sometimes don’t see in our day-to-day existence! A living reflection of the reality of being human.


Subsequently, a Master’s in International Cooperation took me to Peru, where I was involved in managing one of the country’s most important social-educational enterprises, which carries out incredible work with young people in the suburbs of Lima. Once again, life taught me the potential of humans and the enormous power of emotional intelligence. I learnt so much from those youngsters!

Returning to Europe I observed a lack of awareness of part of the population, but at the same time more and more people and organisations were ready to try personal development. That interest opened the door to a world of possibilities.


So that’s how everything began to fall into place: my corporate career, my experience in change management, managing teams, education, multiculturalism, my passion for human potential… COACHING.


Coaching, then, is the way in which I accompany people and organisations in situations of change, development and transformation to achieve their objectives, allowing them to change those thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours that prevent them from reaching their goals and developing their potential. By using their own capabilities. Because each of us is the main actor in our own lives.


I am a certified Coach, member of ICF (International Coach Federation), Specialist in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Systemic Leadership, Specialist in Emotional Intelligence and Licensed Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) with the NLP Society of Dr. Richard Bandler.


The values that have guided my steps are those with which I grew up: humbleness, commitment and generosity.


My vocation: people.


My motivation: to continue to grow and develop every day.

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